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    High Carbon Steel Rental Anti Theft City Public Bike

    High Carbon Steel Rental Anti Theft City Public Bike

    1.Anti-theft screws are used in this bicycle as this sharing bikes parts will not be easily stolen or be taken apart by vandal. These anti-theft screws needs to be unscrewed by special tools. Tool box can be bought from the buyer. 2.Anti-rust protections of the rental bike are used in this bicycle. We have 28 patents of different covers to protect the parts from rusting. 3.Adjustable saddle is used in this bicycle. As people have different heights, they will feel comfortable if the seat post length is compatible with their height. So we added a seat bolt to let people quickly release the bolt and adjust the height of the saddle. 4.The basket is light and good quality to lose the weight of the bike and to carry stuff rider’s safe.

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